William Steffey

An American songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

William Steffey is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago. His music is extremely diverse, often blurring the lines between various genres and definitions. From the all-out energy of rock music to the lush textures of electronica and the catchy melodies of pop, anything is possible.

William relies on a very impressive musical background. He has been on the scene ever since the late 80s. Eventually, his sound reached an international audience and critical praise. In particular, the success of his self-produced release, “Roadstar,” marked a really significant milestone. The project was released back in 2001, and it is still regarded as a fan-favorite.

“Roadstar” marked the beginning of a very exciting career path for the artist. William kept releasing quality music consistently throughout the years. His collection of works follows a thread line of experimental ideas. Most of his songs are quite open-ended, featuring diverse elements and attributes. Unique arrangements and catchy tones are among the elements that make for a unique sonic formula.

Over the past few years, William fronted the band “Boolean Knife.” After a few releases with the line-up, he eventually returned to focus prominently on his solo endeavors.

Recently, William set out to jumpstart 2019 with a new chapter in his musical journey by finishing a brand new studio album. The record is titled “Reality Jockey.” Steffey’s new project features 11 studio tracks, which combine the artist’s eclectic taste with great production aesthetics.