Situation Chicago

Live music venues have been the businesses hardest hit by Covid-19. These clubs were the first to close during the pandemic, and given the impracticality of social-distancing, will also be the last to open. It has been reported that 90% of live music venues in the United States will close permanently if they do not receive federal assistance.

Enter Mr. Trey Elder, head of the arts non-profit, Quiet Pterodactyl. With the support of local sponsors Revolution Brewing, Malört, Dark Matter Coffee and others, Trey has put together a project called “situation chicago”. This 2-LP record set features music from 25 local artists (Jeff Tweedy, OK Go, Poi Dog Pondering, myself, and many more), with 100% of proceeds going to 25 music venues in Chicago.

original album artwork by Chadwick

The limited edition vinyl will be released officially on July 31st, but you can pre-order starting today at Bandcamp via