Letters Never Sent

In 1995, I released my second album, Letters Never Sent, on cassette. I think I had about 250 copies made (i.e. “duplicated” in tape-lingo), and went to town in the arts and crafts department, creating my own cassette cover, labels, and lyric sheet.

Back in the pre-digital days, there was more footwork to be done. I sold many cassettes by hand to friends, and also sold them on consignment at three local record shops: Rose Records in Deerfield Commons, Voodoo Jive in Riverwoods, and Record City (I think?) over in Northbrook.

In the 90’s there also was a bigger barrier-to-entry as far as releasing music was concerned. First off, you needed music gear and instruments, unlike today, where Garage Band ships free on every Mac, and there are a variety of free multitrack recording solutions for PC. Back then it was a bit uncommon to have ‘made an album’. Today, it seems like every other chick/dude you meet has something brewing. This can be great- or really shitty. It’s super because very talented artists w/o traditional tools can create and distribute their work. It’s not so great, because Spotify and other streaming services are flooded with substandard work. I digress.

There are six songs on Letters Never Sent. Because I recorded this at my parents’ house over there on Landis Lane in Deerfield, I was able to play a real drum set on some of the songs, which gives the sound a really cool raw feel. Drum machines have gotten a million times better, but there’s still no substitute for a good, splashy hi-hat.

The tunes also have revved up electric guitar on them, as well as really emotive vocals. When I went back and remastered these tracks recently, I couldn’t help but catch that fever… the really youthful reckless abandon that I accidentally may have ‘grown out of’ for awhile. Long story short: hearing these songs inspired me to resurrect that spirit, and get raucous again with my new material.

Letters Never Sent will be available on your favorite streaming service tomorrow, Friday, June 19th.