woke up under summer
then the days just flew by
prepare yourself for the storm now
my words play games but they never lie.

rising up from the vector ocean
peering up at the raster sky
jammed up in repetitive motion
clicking through but we can’t say why…

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Road to Vinyl
Last Tuesday I had planned to go to Smashed Plastic to listen to the test pressing of my Reality Jockey record, but earlier in the day there was a fire at the coffee roaster in the neighboring space. SP told me to come around 4pm instead. Shortly before I was getting ready to head over there, they called to let me know they pressed a copy and checked it out. Side A sounded great! Side B, however, was from a different artist's project altogether! There was a mixup at the plating factory in New...
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Short Stories

“How many bullets today?” only half-jokes Finn as he glumly spins the chamber of an imaginary revolver, pressing the index finger barrel to his temple. “No bullets, no gun,” Aditya waves, already halfway through the crowd to a stool at the end of the bar. “Really?” Finn shouts with too much surprise. “What drugs are you on?” Aditya shrugs off the question with an easy smile, adjusts his leather coat on the seat below, and settles himself in. The wild flashing colors...
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Reality Jockey- available March 12

Release date: 2019-03-15