woke up under summer
then the days just flew by
prepare yourself for the storm now
my words play games but they never lie.

rising up from the vector ocean
peering up at the raster sky
jammed up in repetitive motion
clicking through but we can’t say why…

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Fond Farewells
When I turned 17, my dad offered to help buy me a car. I told him that I preferred a keyboard instead. I bought my first synthesizer, an Ensoniq SQ-80, back in 1988 from Gand Music in Northfield, IL.  I think I spent about $1200 on it. There were many amazing things about this keyboard I had no idea existed when I purchased it. It had some incredible sounds, that's for sure. You could store 40 patches (sounds) in the RAM at any time, and switch them out with others from the on-board floppy...
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Short Stories

Banged Up
The ruttle of the bus hummed my ears as it headed north on Kimball. I could have walked to the library today, but as the April air was a little cold, I didn't feel like a walk. I sat next to a younger kid wearing white earbuds. He was lanky. When I got to the library I did a bit of wandering. There was one rack that housed all the holds. I put my desired book on hold using the library website late last night, but doubted the book would have made its way to the hold section yet. It didn't. I...
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