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“The intrepid explorer will thrive on Steffey’s new territory.”

– Evolving Artist

“An intelligence—both sonic and syntactic—that encompasses multitudes.”

-New City

“Exudes the sophistication of an artist who has been creating music for two decades.”

– Illinois Entertainer

“Enlightens listeners into what they are missing out on.”

-Score Rocks

“Clever pop, expertly played pop, emotionally honest pop.”

-Kenosha News


Tyranny of Collaboration
I was lucky to meet Dave Wechsler over coffee at Nighthawk Chicago. He’s immediately recognizable by the pleasantly dystopian Americana tunes he records under the moniker “Tyranny of Dave.” Plus, he’s got a really cool red coat. The Decline of America Part 3: Silence in Brooklyn by Tyranny of Dave I saw two of his shows last winter, both in intimate rooms with spellbound audiences. Dave's irreverently earthy sound and his off-the-cuff storytelling immediately roped...
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Behind The Notes

Airport Hookers Debut
Starting as a whimsical idea I had at a coffeeshop in 2018, Airport Hookers has blossomed into a full-blown project highlighting wonderful collaborations by five musicians from very different disciplines. Tim Koelling had played sax on many of my solo recordings (as well as guitar & sax in my live shows), but I really wanted to work with him in a compositional capacity. I use jazz chords often in my songs, but Tim is more in touch with the jazz ethos when it comes to overall chord...
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