Hey! Thanks for stopping by my home on the web. Here you’re able to stream my entire music catalog, read short stories and journal entries, and peep pretty much every video project I’ve been involved with. I’m thrilled to announce that my new Kaleidoscope project has launched. Click on the video below to learn more.

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What it sounds like.
If you're on my email list or if you've visited my website before, you know a little bit about my Kaleidoscope project by now. Unless you're already a patron (and reaping the wonderful benefits therein) you probably still have some questions about it. You've gotten the picture that it's Music, Math, & Nature. But what does that really mean? What does it sound like? Here's the skinny: several years ago, I began to experiment with putting the mathematics that nature uses into music theory....
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Songwriting is Hard: The 4 Roles of Creativity
I've been working on a song for next month's Kaleidoscope project called "Decidedly Blue". The basic bones of the song were created in 2015, but I really liked the vibe and wordplay of it so I am resolving to press on and finish it. Resolve? Press on? When the hell did songwriting become such a difficult process for me? To get a better idea of what's going on, I like to think of a framework that Roger von Oech came up with called The 4 Roles of Creativity. It's a progression of different...
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Short Stories

96% Match
Leslie and I chatted online very little before we met in meatspace. Her photo was adorable and I was charmed at her prowess in answering the perfunctory OkCupid survey questions. It was a cold night six months ago as I waited for her to arrive at the semi-upscale tavern for our first in-person encounter. Apparently neither of us looked much like our online photographs so when she finally walked through the door there was a bit of awkward guessing to do, but this was quickly and happily...
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