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Ed Sheeran – Divide [5 Song Analysis]
As mentioned in an earlier post, I connected with a woman that places songs into film & tv. She told me that these music directors are looking for material that sounds very current, and named a few artists I should check out. I'm hoping that I'm creative enough to emulate some of these trends without losing my artistic vision along the way. After today's listening session, I'm still not sure it's possible. But I'm also not sure it's impossible. I'm blogging along the way so you can take the...
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Short Stories

Banged Up
The ruttle of the bus hummed my ears as it headed north on Kimball. I could have walked to the library today, but as the April air was a little cold, I didn't feel like a walk. I sat next to a younger kid wearing white earbuds. He was lanky. When I got to the library I did a bit of wandering. There was one rack that housed all the holds. I put my desired book on hold using the library website late last night, but doubted the book would have made its way to the hold section yet. It didn't. I...
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