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Smashing Pumpkins at United Center
I get the impression that Billy Corgan put a lot of energy in crafting this extremely detailed Smashing Pumpkins show. I also get the feeling Corgan, however, may be the only one that understood the through-line of the performance. From where I was sitting- admittedly somewhat of a casual Pumpkins fan- this show was all over the place, and even at times- utterly ridiculous. Let me first say that the visuals throughout were absolutely stunning. There was very little light on the band...
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Short Stories

Banged Up
The ruttle of the bus hummed my ears as it headed north on Kimball. I could have walked to the library today, but as the April air was a little cold, I didn't feel like a walk. I sat next to a younger kid wearing white earbuds. He was lanky. When I got to the library I did a bit of wandering. There was one rack that housed all the holds. I put my desired book on hold using the library website late last night, but doubted the book would have made its way to the hold section yet. It didn't. I...
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