Hey! Thanks for stopping by my home on the web. Here you’re able to stream my entire music catalog, read short stories and journal entries, and peep pretty much every video project I’ve been involved with. I’m thrilled to announce that my new Kaleidoscope project has launched. Click on the video below to learn more.

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Europe Here We Come!
Thrilled to announce I'll be heading to London and Paris in November with my wife Maureen. I will continue to blog and send out my Tuesday newsletter while I'm there, and hopefully along the way will shoot enough footage to make a new music video (for which song I don't yet know). On my last visit, I created a video for my song Tread while I was in London and one for the song Healing No. Four while I was in Paris. I was traveling alone, so there was a lot of renegade filmmaking going on....
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Twenty Years on Spaulding Avenue
Just a few days ago marked my 20th year in my apartment building on Spaulding Ave. in Chicago. When I moved in back in 1997, the neighborhood was pretty rough. On the day my landlord Joe let me in, spray-painted across the door were the words "You're gonna die, Joe!". He looked at the graffiti, nodded nonchalantly, and said "Don't worry about it. That's for me." Joe had just bought the building and the former landlord had been intimidated into letting a few of the old tenants stay there...
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Short Stories

96% Match
Leslie and I chatted online very little before we met in meatspace. Her photo was adorable and I was charmed at her prowess in answering the perfunctory OkCupid survey questions. It was a cold night six months ago as I waited for her to arrive at the semi-upscale tavern for our first in-person encounter. Apparently neither of us looked much like our online photographs so when she finally walked through the door there was a bit of awkward guessing to do, but this was quickly and happily...
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