Hey! Thanks for stopping by my home on the web. Here you’re able to stream my entire music catalog, read short stories and journal entries, and peep pretty much every video project I’ve been involved with. Stay tuned for an announcement about my 2017 multimedia project, Kaleidescope, which will hit sometime in the next few months.

If you’ve got any suggestions, or would just like to say hello, please get in touch!

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Catching up with Jay Vance
Jay and I went to Deerfield High School in the late eighties. Being two of the biggest egomaniacs on the grounds led to some minor dustups back in the day, but we appropriately put that dynamic behind us years ago. Jay played in a string of bands including Blue Meanies and Skankin' Pickle, then moved out to San Francisco and created a band featuring two hand-built robots that play guitar and drums. His band, Captured! By Robots, came to town Saturday night and played a packed show at...
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Abandoned Toll Booth at Night
The toll booth gate won't go up. Red dirt. Bright white LED lights expose hail pockmarks in my hood. Highway. Can't tell if there's something wrong with my car or it's something in the road. A repetitive 'fwip - fwip - fwip.' Headlights cone out. I've got plenty of time. I'm lost under an ocean of time. Breathing slowly but steadily below the surface. Breathing softly but deeply on a long straw whose other end is inches above the waterline, catching mist off the...
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Short Stories

i. I wake heading up the 405 but my hands can't grip the wheel. The car is weaving a little bit... not much... but still a little bit and I'm going fifteen miles an hour over the limit. I know I'm going in the right direction. It's almost as if my vehicle is being pulled by a deep magnetic force pinning me gently to my seat... but I don't know the destination. My eyes take turns gauging the distance between the traffic in front of me and scanning the car for clues. An empty pack of Camel...
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Girlfriend In A Coma