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Behind The Notes: SIMPLE SONG
A friend of mine did ask one time “Can you ever write a simple song?” My lyrics have quite often been very cryptic and I think in ways I’ve used this to cloak myself in the public arena of songwriting. Much of the time I myself don’t have a handle on what a song is about until awhile after, sometimes years after it’s been written. There is a tension in this song. In a sense I was at war with myself, tugged between inner worlds and outer, only finding peace in sleep and dream. I was...
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London Wrap
We just wrapped up 4.5 days in London and are currently on the Eurostar train from London's St. Pancras station to Gare De Nord in Paris. There were a few travel tidbits that I wanted to document so I thought I'd make a short post. If you've never travelled to Europe before, these could be useful observations. If London is old hat for you, you can see what you might take for granted by now. The first thing I noticed about London was the sheer amount of people moving about. I live in Chicago...
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Short Stories

96% Match
Leslie and I chatted online very little before we met in meatspace. Her photo was adorable and I was charmed at her prowess in answering the perfunctory OkCupid survey questions. It was a cold night six months ago as I waited for her to arrive at the semi-upscale tavern for our first in-person encounter. Apparently neither of us looked much like our online photographs so when she finally walked through the door there was a bit of awkward guessing to do, but this was quickly and happily...
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