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RPM 2018: Day 19
9:27am. Ok. I was a little rough on myself yesterday. It's clear by the last few songs that I'm attempting to weave some different styles together here, and I'm just at the beginning of this journey. I'm feeling the changes are a little rocky, but that's to be expected of my first foray into this territory. I'm speaking mostly of song #4, The Remedy. I'm trying to take some of the elements of dance music and work into them some interesting chord changes. There's a bit of history to share...
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Best of INDIE 2017
I decided I wanted to go and listen to the next ten songs off the Best of 2017 compilation (that I wrote about in an earlier blog post). Since Hoopla only allows you to keep an album for a few days I realized I had to re-download it. When I searched, I found (much to my surprise and amusement) several compilations for 2017 divided by genre. I picked Best of Indie 2017 and decided to check out the first 10 songs on there. This time, the artists weren't listed with the tracks so I had to go and...
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Short Stories

96% Match
Leslie and I chatted online very little before we met in meatspace. Her photo was adorable and I was charmed at her prowess in answering the perfunctory OkCupid survey questions. It was a cold night six months ago as I waited for her to arrive at the semi-upscale tavern for our first in-person encounter. Apparently neither of us looked much like our online photographs so when she finally walked through the door there was a bit of awkward guessing to do, but this was quickly and happily...
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